At Firexpress we produce what we believe to be the best first strike fire fighting equipment in the world. Back in 1998 we came up with the idea of converting the standard water mist sprinkling system traditionally installed in buildings into a mobile system. The aim was to invent a piece of equipment that would enable faster knock down of fires, and at the same time, use water more efficiently to reduce the quantity of water required. This would make the systems more mobile and flexible with regards to installation and options for usable vehicles.

After several years of research and numerous tests, we invented the Firexpress lance with the patented nozzle.

Different types of fires and different stages of the extinguishing process require different extinguishing techniques. One technique is to spray water into the fire, and let the heat of the fire turn the water into steam and hereby reduce the temperature. Another is to spray fire fighting foam on the fire and let it create an airtight seal that stops needed oxygen getting to the fire.

With the Firexpress lance it is possible to use both techniques, as the nozzle is able to produce both a cloud of very fine water drops and a jet of mixed water and fire fighting foam that that creates a blanket of fire fighting foam on the burning materials.

The water drops produced by the nozzle of the Firexpress lance are very small - that is why we call them micro-drops - and they are therefore very efficient in knocking down fires. Less water is therefore needed and we have been able to design fire fighting systems that are exceptionally mobile and flexible. This is why we call it 'First strike fire fighting'.

We have developed a number of standard systems that can be fitted on any vehicle or placed permanently in buildings. This includes systems mounted in small vehicles that traditionally have not be used as fire fighting vehicles.

Besides this we are able to make customized solutions that will satisfy any special need an end-user might have. Since our establishment we have developed into a global company with manufacturing and sales offices in both Europe and Asia and distributors worldwide.

The Firexpress lance

Truck Fire

A real life truck fire in Hong Kong extinguished with 38 litres of water and fire fighting foam.

Fuel Fire

A 500 litre jet fuel fire extinguished with 38 litres of water and fire fighting foam.