Firexpress has designed the patented dual nozzle of the lance so that it produces extremely small water micro-drops that evaporate very fast, reducing the temperature of the fire quickly. This is achieved in an optimal combination with a low nozzle pressure and still achieving a long spray range of up to 15 meters.

The micro-drops are so small that 1 liter of water produces a surface area of more than 100 m2.

The Firexpress micro-drops

As the micro-drops vary in size, it is possible to use the aerodynamic effect of a moving water drop to propel the smallest micro-drops out to a range of up to 15 meters. The largest micro-drops, although still small will create a vacuum behind them as they travel through the air. The smallest micro-drops will enter the vacuum and will be dragged along with the larger micro-drops so that they also achieve a long spray range.

The larger micro-drops drag along the smallest micro-drops

Due to their size, virtually all the micro-drops sprayed into a fire are turned into steam. This leaves almost no water damage afterwards, which normally is substantial when using traditional fire fighting equipment on e.g. house fires.


The Firexpress lance is a lot more than microdrops.